My go-to Bitcoin analysts

Malc Simmonds
2 min readJul 2, 2023


Here’s a list of my favourite Bitcoin analysts. I like data-driven analysts who can help me identify future Bitcoin tops and bottoms. This should help me maximise my profits from selling (some) near the top and buying back (more than I sold) near the bottom. It’s also an interesting exercise if they help me speculate on price valuations, medium to long term.

Rational Root

Rational Root: Example of Spiral Chart

My score: 10/10 for helping me identify Bitcoin peaks, Bitcoin bottoms and Bitcoin long-term price targets.

Why I like him: Root demonstrates a fine mastery of figures and a unique, as well as practical, approach. No one does charts like Root does charts. He bends your mind so you see Bitcoin price action in a way which is — well, 3D! Quite remarkable.

Who is he: an anonymous analyst with unspecified training/qualifications. But he’s very skilled in maths and in presenting information graphically.

Where to find him: He is the analyst for paid Substack platform, Bitcoin Strategy:

The paid subscription also has a site with all Root’s charts, which he says is being actively developed:

What Bitcoin Did Podcast June 2023: In this video of a Podcast recording, Pete McCormack interviews Root who, masked, goes through most of his charts for free. A good in-depth interview with pictures of charts.

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Raoul Pal

Checkmate, of Glassnode



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