Malc Simmonds
2 min readJul 26, 2023
Bitcoin Cheat Sheet - @TheRationalRoot

The excellent Rational Root is a Bitcoin analyst who is the lead analyst for the platform Bitcoin Strategy. He is known for his unique “Spiral charts”, which give a whole new take on viewing Bitcoin. His analysis gives confidence that Bitcoin is firmly heading up in price — though he says, quite correctly, that: “models keep working until they stop working”. In other words, “don’t bet the house on it”.

So, there is no hype about him.

But Root does make a Bitcoin price prediction and agrees with PlanB’s estimate of a Christmas 2025 price peak between $100k and $1m. You call that hype if you want — I see it as common sense.

I do like this range, though I slightly modify it to £300k-£700k. That seems to me to be the logic! I could be wrong, of course: but that’s my base case.

I hope you enjoy the video to get a flavour of “The Root”. He has many other original takes on Bitcoin price history and is one of my favourite Bitcoin price analysts. I have paid for a subscription to Bitcoin Strategy (there is also a free subscription), and I follow Rational Root on Twitter.

As always, please make your own investment decisions and treat my posts as pure education, not financial advice. None of the links I post are affiliate links — these posts are not made to earn money.

Good luck.

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